My McFlurry Melted.

If you've heard of someone with the alias BuryTheMaid, there's a 220% chance it's me.

POC. Aro/Ace/Agender. College student.
And I have yet to find a way off this stupid website.

This is a I-post-whatever-I-want sort of blog, but a lot of it consists of fandom stuff. Notably, Hannibal takes up a large portion of my blog, but I do have plenty of other interests that I will post about, included and not limited to: The Walking Dead, Free!, WTNV, and Attack on Titan.

I have a queue that runs during the hours I am at school/work to keep you all occupied, as my time zone is way behind everyone else's.

Feel free to ask me anything! :D Also, I sometimes take sketch requests on my art blog.
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